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The DVGW supports the gas and water industry in all technical and scientific areas. The main focus of the Association’s work is on safety and hygiene as well as environmental and consumer protection. The DVGW elaborates technical rules designed to promote the technical self-management of the German gas and water industry, thus ensuring the safe and secure supply of gas and water according to the highest international standards. The Association, which was founded in 1859, currently has approximately 14,000 members. The DVGW is free from economic and political influences.

DVGW Research Center at Engler-Bunte-Institut of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
DVGW Research Center at Engler-Bunte-Institut of KIT
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17. March 2021

Hydrogen innovation programme

Largest investment in the association’s history—DVGW invests an additional 15 million euros in the field of “hydrogen” to establish the foundation for the safe use of climate-neutral gases in the energy system of the future to make the vision of the reliable supply of H2 a reality. DVGW-EBI will play a decisive role.
The hydrogen innovation program creates the basis for the technically safe use of climate-neutral gases; © DVGW
Announcement from 17/03/2021
DVGW is intensifying its multifaceted activities around hydrogen © DVGW

Hydrogen innovation programme

The goal of this programme is to establish the foundation for the safe use of climate-neutral gases in the energy system of the future to make the vision of the reliable supply of hydrogen a reality. Numerous ongoing research projects are exploring how the energy system can be sustainably set up using climate-neutral gases and the existing gas infrastructure. Even greater focus is being placed on the entire hydrogen value chain: production, transport, storage and application. For instance, new technologies and processes for climate-neutral hydrogen production, hydrogen storage as well as hydrogen application need to be assessed, developed and tested in practice. The DVGW-EBI will play a major role in the research activities.

The DVGW’s goal for the H2 innovation programme is to enable the economical, environmentally friendly and safe supply of climate-neutral energy in order to actively help shape the establishment of a hydrogen economy in Germany. The use of hydrogen in the existing gas infrastructure requires a fundamental adaptation of the regulations. As the responsible policy-maker, the DCGW plays a critical role in ensuring that long-distance and distribution networks covering 500,000 kilometres as well as the gas appliances can be made H2-ready. Besides this, a set of pure H2 regulations will be developed as well. Certification programmes and testing standards also need to be adapted and extended in this context.

What’s more, the DVGW will intensify its collaboration with the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (DWV). The skills and expertise of both associations complement each other and will help establish a common position on the topic of hydrogen.

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