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The DVGW supports the gas and water industry in all technical and scientific areas. The main focus of the Association’s work is on safety and hygiene as well as environmental and consumer protection. The DVGW elaborates technical rules designed to promote the technical self-management of the German gas and water industry, thus ensuring the safe and secure supply of gas and water according to the highest international standards. The Association, which was founded in 1859, currently has approximately 14,000 members. The DVGW is free from economic and political influences.

DVGW Research Center at Engler-Bunte-Institut of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
DVGW Research Center at Engler-Bunte-Institut of KIT
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News from the DVGW Research Center at Engler-Bunte-Institut of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

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31. January 2024
TrafoKommunE Project Finalisation
The BMWK-funded joint project TrafoKommunE was successfully completed.
05. September 2023
Dr. Frank Graf is the new spokesman for the H2 competence network of the German energy industry
Joint research for the energy source of the future.
10. August 2023
New cluster of the hydrogen lead project TransHyDE launched: LNG2Hydrogen
Sustainable and long-term utilisation of LNG terminals as logistics hubs for hydrogen and its derivatives.
20. July 2023
ERIG-study on emission reduction potentials of various technologies in long-distance heavy goods transport by 2030
DVGW-research center at EBI of KIT completes study on long-distance heavy goods transport succesfully.
23. June 2023
Mid-term meeting of the BMBF-funded hydrogen lead project GET H2
Representatives from all work packages of the BMBF-funded hydrogen lead project GET H2 TransHyDE came together at DVGW Research Centre at Engler-Bunte Institute of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) to exchange ideas.
03. May 2022
DVGW establishes H2 competence network
Bundling of research expertise for the switch to hydrogen
23. March 2022
Background paper on gas infrastructures in the light of the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine
Statement on the current political discussion on how to expand the gas network now in a future-proof manner
14. March 2022
Assess the situation for the winter
An Interview with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Kolb, from Nico Dannenberger
Title Report of the Annual Report MARCOGAZ 2020/2021
31. January 2022
MARCOGAZ Annual Report 2020 / 2021 published
MARCOGAZ is the representative body of the European gas industry in all technical matters.
16. December 2021
Compatibility and permeation properties of elastomer materials in relation to hydrogen
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