DVGW-Forschungsstelle am Engler-Bunte-Institut
des Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie (KIT)


The DVGW-Forschungsstelle has an accreditation for the test laboratories from the "Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS)" (German Accreditation Body) with the register no. "D-PL-12098-01-00" for the following areas:

• Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
• Safety of Electrical Appliances (SEA)
• Materials testing at products of gas distribution and gas usage
• Sampling and selected tests of fuels
• Equipment and fittings for gas applications and gas supply
• Construction products according to (EU) No. 305/2011

This includes testing according to the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and as well according to the Gas Appliance Regulation (EU)2016/426.

Database link: https://www.dakks.de/en/[...]Regnr=D-PL-12098-01-00

In all these areas testing is recognized as "test laboratory gas/water" (reg. no. LV-BN7053) by DVGW CERT GmbH (Notified Body 0085).

The DVGW-Forschungsstelle is recognized Test Laboratory (Notified Body 2403) under the "Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 - Construction products".

Database Link: http://ec.europa.eu/[...]/nando/...

Designation Document (pdf): http://ec.europa.eu/[...]/nando/...

The DVGW-Forschungsstelle is recognized CBTL (CB Testing Laboratory) within IECEE for CB-Scheme procedures for some standards of the series IEC60335-x, IEC60730-x und IEC61000-4-x.

Database-Link: http://www.iecee.org/[...]

Certificate IECEE-CBTL-479 (pdf)

Beside that there is a recognition as testing laboratory for DIN CERTCO (reg.no. PL-019) for the product areas: Automatic burner control systems for oil burners EN230, EN60730-2-5; Oil boiler DIN EN 303-1/-2/-4, DIN EN 304, DIN 4702-1/-2/-7; Stationary air heater DIN 4791-1/-2, E DIN EN13842; Mobile oil air heater with/without heat exchanger DIN 30697-2, E DIN EN13842; Temperature sensing regulation and limitings control for Heating Appliances according to DIN 3440 / DIN EN 14597; Nebenluftvorrichtungen nach DIN 4795; Mechanisch betätigte Verbrennungsluft - Verschlußklappen nach DIN 32732; Abgas-Absperrvorrichtungen für Feuerungsstätten nach DIN 3388-2; Water heater for trinking water and operation water DIN 4753.