DVGW-Forschungsstelle am Engler-Bunte-Institut
des Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie (KIT)


Contact: Wolfgang Köppel

The group "Systems and Networks" works on gas network-specific and system-analytical themes in an interdisciplinary but technically oriented team. In particular, the coupling of knowledge and experience from research and practice leads to applied research and innovative solutions. The expertise is further used in DVGW committees for creation of new norms and improvement of existing ones.

Research and consultation is provided, inter alia, in the fields of:
  • Smart Gas Grid and Gas Network Simulation
    In "Smart Gas Grid”, issues such as the integration of e.g. nonconventional and EE-gases in the gas distribution network are analyzed. Here gas network simulations and technical concepts for feeding, measuring, conditioning and odorisation are carried out in order to expand the sustainability of the gas system. Required technical details and current know-how regarding the procedures are developed in cooperation with the group Process Engineering.
  • Simulation of energy systems in buildings and the Industrial sector:
    The changing conditions in the gas network and climate policy requirements needed to achieve the objectives mentioned in the energy resolution increases the challenges for gas applications in domestic and industrial sectors. Primary energy consumers like buildings are therefore simulated in real time e.g. using Modelica to investigate the various possible scenarios in-order to optimize or offer alternatives to existing systems used in the industry and also provide advice to the government. Required data for validation of the energy production systems are obtained in cooperation with our colleagues from the Test Laboratory Gas and the Gas Plus-Lab.
  • Odorisation
    An important safety aspect of gas distribution for the common-man is odorization, i.e. the awareness of (almost) odor-free gases using the sense of smell. A special focus has been placed on olfactory tests and measurements in the laboratory and on site.
  • System analysis
    The system analysis studies using economical, ecological and technical analyzes, various aspects concerning energy systems, mobility, biogas, Power to Gas, fuel production, energy distribution including infrastructure and processes among other things. The aim is to identify the impact of proposed solutions and to demonstrate possible alternatives for providing decision-makers in industry and politics a basis for their decisions.

On-site Service
Another focus of the group "Systems and Networks" is the on-site activities and Consulting. Measurement programs, sampling and test measurements (eg. CNG, odorization) are inter alia performed on site. The experience from research, on-site service and DVGW bodies results in an overall consultancy concerning gas plants (e.g. de- and recommissioning of gas container, CNG filling, measurement or sampling projects, project planning and project execution).