DVGW-Forschungsstelle am Engler-Bunte-Institut
des Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie (KIT)


Contact: Dr. Holger Dörr
  • Application fuels
  • Fuels, cogeneration technology
  • Research projects on fuels, application technologies for corrosion / materials research

The focus of scientific studies at the DVGW test laboratory is not only on gas applications of industrial and commercial and domestic concerns but also on know-how related to fittings needed in gas transportation and gas distribution. Here, there is also a strong emphasis on measurement and control technology.. The research activities are carried out for a useful support of the project partners in matters extending from material testing, analysis of thermal processing plants and basic research to system optimization. All aspects of gas as a fuel are studied with respect to its material and energetic interactions.

For material and aging tests, exposure chambers and high-pressure test rigs for different test gas compositions, damps, temperature and pressure specifications are available. Elastomers and plastics can be examined with respect to their respective gas permeability. Chemical analyzes is carried out by our accredited laboratory; further material investigations are possible on site with our partners from KIT.

For innovative technologies like hybrid systems, gas heat pumps and micro-CHP systems are tested on various test rigs and evaluated for output and emissions. In addition, the researchers accompany the further development of established gas application technologies and their systemic integration in cooperation with the device or system manufacturer. Our experts have carried out research and consulting from a single source at various high levels.

The research focuses on the optimization of fuel efficiency, reducing emissions and ensuring high safety standards in the gas transportation, gas distribution and gas use. Thus, the DVGW research centre makes its contribution in ensuring safe gas transport which is energy-saving, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly for industrial, commercial as well as domestic users. In addition to publicly funded projects we also work on industrial research contracts and active research for developing international and national standards.