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Water as a critical resource

The DVGW Research Center works to ensure that water, as a critical resource for public services, can be provided through the drinking water supply. An adequate quality and quantity of water also needs to be supplied for in industrial processes.

Flat channel cell system for experiments with flat membranes. The flat channel cells are operated with flow conditions similar to those occurring in SPIRAL wound modules.; © Matthias Bitsch

Water quality

Throughout the world, pathogens and, increasingly, also antibiotic-resistant bacteria are the greatest threat to water quality. On top of this, new, usually anthropogenic substances are constantly being identified, which pose a risk to the use of natural water sources for the drinking water supply. We work, explore and develop methods that allow the fast and reliable quantitative detection of substances in the aquatic environment and in processes. Monitoring and OCT-Imaging play also a key role in this area.

Water technology

The understanding of the process is absolutely critical for the development of new and advanced water treatment methods. To support this, the DVGW Research Center operates pilot plants and set-ups, with high degree of automation enabling the rapid acquisition of various parameters and the optimization of the processes.

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